Tomorrow sees the release of the album, so it’s time for our last preview of the new songs.

Music & Lyrics: Jason Gill/Robert Fredriksson/Mattias Larsson/Eric Saade
Produced by: Jason Gill

One of the album’s mid-tempo offerings, alongside ‘Timeless’ and ‘Me & My Radio’. So it’s not as IN YOUR FACE as the likes of ‘Made of Pop’ or ‘Killed By A Cop’, but it IS just as catchy – helped along by the post chorus, in which he repeats the word ‘echo’ as an actual echo! Here we have Eric vocalising his frustrations at a complicated relationship that just isn’t working. The online reaction to his performance of ‘Echo’ on Swedish TV on Sunday morning has been quite positive, so perhaps it will end up being one of the fan favourites.

‘Saade Vol.1’ is released on June 29th, and you can listen to earlier album clips here.

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