The return of (a shadow of the former) Da Buzz

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We’ve been uber excited about the return of Da Buzz, one of our favourite bands of all time, since learning of its  certainty last month. But unfortunately, it’s not good news. The comeback single isn’t very good. At all.

Da Buzz have produced countless hits, dozens of pop gems, and five albums of solid gold scandipop. We, and many others, fell happily in love with their perfect merging of pop music and dance music way back at the beginning of last decade. They were superb at creating not only a great melody, but had the music, the vocals, and the key changes to go along with them! We adored them. So we were beyond delighted to hear about their impending comeback. So what went wrong?

Well….they’ve only gone and changed their sound into a desperate, calculated soundalike of so many other songs attempting (and failing) to get into the charts right now. That in itself wouldn’t be such a bad thing (after all, they were never exactly high brow or innovative were they?), but they’ve also commited the cardinal sin of neglecting to give a tune to this pathetic panderment to popular culture! Da Buzz’s trump card was always their tunes. Critics could mock, but radio contined to play them, DJ’s continued to spin them, and the public kept on buying them – because every single they released was brilliant pop. Comeback single ‘U Gotta Dance’ (oh, the irony) is the sound of them stripping away everything that was ever great about them, in a cringeworthy attempt to sound ‘current’ after a few years away from the scene.

We’re heartbroken.

In short, Da Buzz have basically copied the Cascada and Basshunter trend of making their dance music sound more electro and urban. But their effort is nowhere near as good as what those two acts have produced since doing this, the likes of ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ and ‘Saturday’, even ‘Pyromania’. The agony of it all is that the music that Cascada and Basshunter were making originally, was a vastly inferior version of the music that Da Buzz used to make. So they’ve gone from being on the top of their game, to trailing behind their former followers.

You may have noticed that we VERY rarely write negative articles on this website. If we don’t like something, we just don’t write about it. We only write about the stuff that we like. Hence why you probably read the word ‘amazing’ far too much on this site! But we’re writing about this because it’s just so unfortunate. Da Buzz, PLEASE let this be a one off experiment of a single, and go back to making the incredible pop music you’ve consistently made up until this point. Cheers.

And here’s the offending song for those brave enough;

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