It’s been almost two years since Sanna released her last album, ‘Stronger’. A great mid-tempo pop record containing some of our favourite songs of that year, ‘Nobody Without You’, ‘Strong’, ‘This Is My Thanks’ and of course, ‘Empty Room’. The album was a huge success, and anticipation has been high for new music from her since then. A few weeks ago we revealed that she would have a new single coming out called ‘Devotion’. And now, you can listen to it right here!

It’s wonderful isn’t it? The verses are tantalisingly exciting, the chorus is beautiful, and the backing beat throughout is as uplifting as the idea of a new Sanna single itself! And of course there’s a key change at the end It’s all very ‘I’m Alive’ by Celine Dion isn’t it?

Welcome back Sanna! Please let the album be just as amazing.

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