The new Anna Abreu vid…

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0000144696 150Earlier this month, Finland’s Anna Abreu unveiled her brand new single, the first from her fourth album. It’s called ‘Hysteria’, and now we’ve got a video to go along with it.

In it, we see Anna dressed as a goth and doing some grim metal-work of sorts. Then what appears to be her guardian angel comes into play, all sweetness and light. Although she actually soon turns out to be Anna’s inner slut-mode. Not only does she do everything she can to make Anna’s male colleague fall in lust with Anna, she also makes Anna all hot and bothered and in need of said male. That is, until the end of the video when Anna’s actual boyfriend appears and she runs into his arms.

Fuck knows what it all means, but it’s a fantastic song and we quite enjoyed the four minutes viewing!

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