The Melodifestivalen Files: Jonathan Fagerlund

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And now for our final Heat One file! Despite his staggeringly young age of 17, Jonathan’s been in the music business for a good few years now. He tried the boyband route and slogged at that for a while, building up a small fan base with the group Streetwize, but never managing to cross over to any kind of mainstream success. Frustrated, he left the band and launched a solo career in Sweden. He didn’t achieve success but he did get to release an album and three singles, mostly in the pop ballad mould. He’s working on a new one which should be released later in the year, and he’s already promised that it’ll have more up-tempo songs on there. The first of which will be his Melodifestivalen entry ‘Welcome To My Life’.


2008 07 26 Fagerlund


‘Welcome To My Life’ was composed by Samuel Waermo and Didrik Thott. Samuel’s best known and best loved (by us anyway) is ‘Mambo’ by Helena Paparizou. So he’s instantly earned our devoted interest. Didrik Thott has composed songs that have appeared on albums by Lindsay Lohan, Westlife, and Monrose. With that CV of both composers, we were quite looking forward to hearing Jonathan’s song. We’ve heard it now though and whilst it’s obviously a strong track, it’s not to our tastes. Very Busted and McFly – a definite member of the ‘power pop’ genre. We don’t particularly fancy his chances of qualifying out of the amazingly strong Heat One, but we’re looking forward to his performance all the same.

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