The Melodifestivalen Files: Caroline Af Ugglas

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Our first and last encounter with Caroline and her music was her Melodifestivalen entry in 2007, ‘Tror Pa Dig’. It was a fairly rousing song delivered by Caroline in a genuinely quirky and very passionate style. We didn’t hate it but it didn’t inspire us to search out her back catalogue or listen out for any future music from her. The song stiffed in its heat, coming 6th. And we’ve always secretly resented it for finishing above our beloved Verona, who came 8th in the same heat with ‘La Musica’!


CarolineafUgglasHowever, we’re not totally averse to the fact that she’s coming back. There was a certain charm about her and it’s certainly something different for the competition. We’re not expecting to love it, or even like it very much (but our minds will stay open!), but it’ll be a nice diversion from all the excitement we’re already feeling about our favourites from her heat. And that’s probably why she’s been invited back by SVT despite not having much success first time round. She’s also quite the high flyer in the Swedish media industry as she helped develop the format for the choir competition that’s now been adopted in various guises around the world. In the UK we know it as ‘Last Choir Standing’, the US has ‘Clash of the Choirs’ and Australia has ‘Battle of the Choirs’. And she’s probably entered the contest again because she’ll have a new album to promote in the next couple of months. Fair enough then!


Her 2009 entry ‘Snalla Snalla’ has been composed by herself and her husband, Heinz Liljedahl, who also collaborated with her on her 2007 entry. She performs in Heat One this Saturday.

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