During the final of the latest Idol series in Sweden over the weekend, they invited back their most successful graduate since the show began. Agnes! She performed the hit that has catapulted her to worldwide success in 2009, ‘Release Me’. We’ve seen ‘Release Me’ performed so many times now, but this one if pretty special. For a start; THAT top!!! A pink corset with massive, fuck off jewels glued to it! It’s worn with tight, black, shimmery leggings, BIG hair, and Agnes looking even more beautiful than ever.

But what we like best about it is how symbolic it all is. Agnes graced that stage back in 2005, eventually ending up as the winner. She went on to release three successful albums in Sweden, and become one of their most loved homegrown stars. But this year she’s achieved monster success all over the world, and has become Sweden’s biggest musical export in the last 12 months. So it’s quite fitting that she should round off the year she’s had by heading back to where it all started, and perform her signature song to the millions of Swedish people that she has made so proud of her this year.

Oh, AND she does a fair bit of the trademark Agnes powerwalk too!

Up until a few weeks back, we’d managed to avoid all of the fuss kicked up by the world and its media, surrounding the Twilight books and films. That was until we caught site of Taylor Lautner in promo posters and tv slots. Jesus that’s one attractive physique! Our friend then said that it was advisable to see said physique in cinema quality rather than wait for the New Moon DVD. So we promptly borrowed and watched the first film in the series, Twilight, so that when we went to see New Moon at the cinema, we’d be able to enjoy the actual storyline when Taylor wasn’t on screen. We finally went to see New Moon last week (and for the record, really enjoyed it, along with Twilight). But one part of the film captivated us almost as much as the lovely Taylor. And believe it or not, it was down to some Scandinavian pop music!

‘Possibility’ by Lykke Li soundtracks a scene, the type of which has been done many times before. It’s sad, it’s haunting, and it’s disturbing. And absolutely perfect for the scene. It ended up being one of our favourite parts of the film. Absolutely beautiful.

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