The Fooo: ‘The Link Up’

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That new Swedish boyband that we wrote about a while ago, are back again with their best tune to date.

We did a bit of an introduction piece on them here (where you can also listen to some of their songs). But in short: boyband does flash mob thing, gains fans, tells fans where next flash mob thing will be, gains more fans, does more flash mob things, gets bigger and bigger, and here we are with the latest one.

Oh, and they’ve still yet to actually release any music yet.

They’re getting incredibly massive though. So it’s quite exciting to imagine just how big they’re gonna explode when they finally do start releasing music.

Anyway, we’re all about the songs here. And the song to soundtrack their latest flash mob thing has caught our attention more than anything else about this whole campaign so far. It’s pretty mega. A new Swedish boyband paying a respectable nod to a late 90s American boyband sound (which, incidentally, will have been produced by Swedes at the time too). We love it! Pure pop, with a brilliant chorus melody. And a chap rap for a middle eight to add a bit of ‘edge’. If you have the music tastes of a teenage girl – or, for that matter, if you AREĀ  a teenage girl – then this is your new jam. *squeal*

Oh, and speaking of teenage. Erm… that line about “said she’d follow me on YouTube, said it’s a shame they don’t do nude” is a tad disconcerting considering one or more of these fellows is 15 or under. Grim.

This is massive though. Just look at the reactions of the fans here. And the police at the end.


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