The Fooo: ‘POPing It’

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Swedish boyband The Fooo have put a new song online. And a new video too – obviously. It’s called ‘POPing It’, and yes – that capitalisation is artist’s own.

It has more in common with their early tracks like ‘Kangaroos’ and ‘Man Overboard’ than it does their recent hits. And by this we mean it’s a rap track over a funky production. So it’s not something you can sing along to. Oddly enough, the best bit of the song is the instrumental dance breakdown of the middle eight. It all goes a very eighties and a bit amazing. Such a good boyband, these chaps. Such a good boyband.

We assume that ‘POPing It’ will be included on The Fooo’s debut album ‘Off The Grid’. Said album comes out in Sweden at the beginning of next month. But if you live outside of Sweden you can already pre-order it from our store.

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