The Fooo: ‘Ex Factor’

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The Foooooooooo released another new track today upon their YouTube channel. We love how these boys are so trigger happy when it comes to getting their music out there. And of course with it being The Fooo, it’s not just a new song – it’s a new video in which they dance at a public place (Götaplatsen in Göteborg, in this case) in front of a gaggle of admiring girlies.

‘Ex Factor’ is the new song. And as with practically every new release from The Fooo, it’s a little bit different to what’s gone before from them. This one’s a mid-tempo r&b pop track with SASS. The Sass being their declaration of just how they’re intending on getting over that ex of theirs. As is Fooo-standard – it’s an instant pop track with a great deal of catchiness and likability to it. There’s now not a single track of theirs that has been released that we haven’t liked a hell of a lot, which is pretty good going when all is said and done. We would actually be quite shocked at this stage if they ever did release a song that was shit. Even a bit shit. It would be so out of character. Don’t do it boys.

‘Ex Factor’ is released on Swedish iTunes on December 27th.



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