The Dominoes Effect!

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387650 8 1268425174203One of our favourite scandipop songs of 2011 so far, ‘Dominoes’ by Anine Stang, has now gone and got itself a proper fab video to show itself off even more.

Clocking in at just under five minutes long, it’s got that something a little bit extra to your usual pop vids. The storyline is a TAD cheesy, but that’s all part of its charm, and it certainly got us hooked in anyway, we loved the concept. You’ll see for yourself what we mean when you watch it.

Also, the guy that she’s chosen to be in the video is unbelievably handsome, which is always a welcome bonus in affairs such as these. His cheekbones are to die for, and we particularly swooned during the last shot when him and Anine stand together and you see just how tall and broad he really is in comparison. And of course Anine herself is a hot little minx too, so as videos go, this one is most certainly pleasing on the eye!

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