Denmark’s The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have made something of a triumphant return to pop this weekend, with new single ‘My Club’. The first to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Bring Us Together’.

‘My Club’ is a one-listen-and-you’re-snared kind of affair. And that’s mainly because of the brass reggae riff that serves as the intro, the chorus, and all of the song’s other best bits. The sound of ‘My Club’ isn’t a trillion miles away from what we heard on No Doubt’s ‘Settle Down’. No bad thing of course. It’s delightfully repetitive, a cooler kind of upbeat, and very in tune with the current summer months. We had this one on repeat for a lot of Saturday morning – so we guess it can add accentuates-positive-weekend-vibe to its long list of attributes too.

The ‘Bring Us Together’ album will be released in September, but if you pre-order it now then you can be the proud owner of ‘My Club’ instantly. You can also listen to the album’s title track here.

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