A new Agnes album. After FOUR years! This is very exciting. What’s even more exciting is the fact that we’ve heard it and it’s uncompromisingly fantastic. There’s not a bad track on there. There’s not even a good song on there – they all veer somewhere between great and absolutely amazing. So that’s a relief.

Although probably not to you, until you get to hear it for yourself.

So, starting from today and right up until the album’s release date in the middle of next week, we’ll be previewing the album tracks on here. Every day. Let’s start right away.

‘Into The Sun’
Written by: Agnes Carlsson, Patrik Berger, Fredrik Berger
Produced by: Patrik Berger

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/10-Into-The-Sun.mp3|titles=10 Into The Sun]

The man who is probably now most famous for producing Robyn’s biggest and bestest tracks in recent years, finally gets into the studio with Agnes. This was always going to end well, wasn’t it? Yes. Despite being tucked away as track 10 on the album, ‘Into The Sun’ straight away stood out as one of our big favourites on ‘Veritas’. It’s got a chorus that hits you like a truck, and a production that shines through particularly in the verses, which makes you pick yourself up off the floor again. And we love the fact that they’ve managed to make it sound like both Patrik Berger AND Agnes – so this isn’t just a Patrik Berger song that’s been given to Agnes, it’s something they’ve made amazing together.

‘Veritas’ is released on September 5th, in Sweden. However, anyone living outside of Sweden can pre-order the album on CD from our online store here.


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