The 3rd Melodifestivalen wildcard is announced…

article image 151d7b0aeb3db104And it’s one of Sweden’s most popular singers down through the years – Peter Jöback. The Swedish press are going a bit mental over this, as he’s up there with Carola, success and popularity wise. Whereas two weeks ago it was declared a closed contest due to the news that Darin was entering, now it’s Peter who is the hot favourite to be the victor next year. Personally, Peter’s never been on our radar and we aren’t familiar with his past musical output aside from the bit of research we’ve done this week (which is good enough for us to want to explore even more) when the rumours started – so we can’t really share with the Swedish media’s enthusiasm. HOWEVER, one look at the names of the songwriters who have composed his entry, ‘Hollow’, and we’re practically foaming at the mouth! It’s been done by a veritable dream team – Anders Hansson (he of Agnes, BWO, and Alcazar history) and Fredrik Kempe (he of so many amazing Melodifestivalen entries of recent years – most recently, the last two winners!). ‘Tis a ballad.

A lot of negative attitude has been directed towards Melodifestivalen since the first lot of (mostly unknown) artists were announced this week. However, we reckon that the final is going to be nailbiting stuff, with a lot of serious contenders competing for the top position.

By the way, be sure to come back to the site early next week for an interview with a lady who’s name will be announced next Monday as taking part in next year’s Melodifestivalen! It contains chat about her feelings about competing (again) next year. But obviously we can’t publish it yet, as it’d get her into trouble with SVT! 🙂

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