The 2010 scandipop Awards: The Nominations

It’s the end of another year. And of course this means a chance to take stock of the last 12 months and remember fondly the music it’s given us. And for us, this also means that we get to compile our second annual scandipop awards!

2009 has been a great year for Scandinavian pop music. Particularly in the first six months, there have been plenty of good quality albums to keep us happy. Albums from new artists that we’ve been pleasantly surprised by, and new records from some of our old favourite artists that we’ve eagerly anticipated and haven’t been disappointed with. There have also been stacks of singles and songs that have forever etched themselves into people’s hearts – from the smaller hits that are destined to never be heard outside of Scandinavia, to the monster tracks that have transcended national airwaves and made a splash internationally. And of course there have been the artists themselves. Brand new ones that we’ve welcomed onto our speakers, and the old reliable that are still around and continuing to make us dance with every new release. So as with last year, we’ve decided to recognise and award the very very best.

The rules are simple really. The songs and albums must have been released in 2009. There’s one album on the list that was released at the end of 2008, but is allowed on here as it was soft released on a tiny scale and we didn’t become aware of it until halfway through this year, therefore didn’t get a chance to be considered for last year’s awards. Greatest Hits compilations are excluded from nomination (this includes September’s ‘Cry For You’ album, which was a glorified Best Of) – the album categories can only include studio albums. In the song category, singles like ‘Release Me’ by Agnes will be notably absent – but don’t forget that it was actually first released last year in Sweden, and indeed nominated for best single in last year’s awards. As for the best artist categories, well there are no hard and fast rules really. However, we’ve based inclusions on their body of work in 2009. So again, an artist who has released a studio album in 2009 is going to have a greater edge over an artist who’s only released one single or a Greatest Hits album. But we’ve been far more relaxed about it in that category than in other categories.

But enough of boring rules! On with the nominations! And there are more categories than ever. The results will be announced in the new year.


Best Female

Amy Diamond
Anna Abreu
Malena Ernman

Best Male

Jonas Oakland
Magnus Carlsson
Mans Zelmerlow

Best Group/Duo

Lili & Susie

Best New Artist

Jonas Oakland

Best Female Single

Agnes – I Need You Now
Daisy – Everytime
Gathania – Blame It On You
Hera Bjork – Someday
Malena Ernman – La Voix
Sarah Dawn Finer – Moving On

Best Male Single

Danny – Emely
Erik Hassle – Hurtful
Jonas Oakland – Where I Belong
Kleerup – Longing For Lullabies
Mans Zelmerlow – Hope & Glory
Ola – Play Me

Best Group/Duo Single

Alcazar – Burning
Alcazar – Stay The Night
BWO – Right Here Right Now (UK Edit)
Lili & Susie – Show Me Heaven
Linda Bengtzing & Kim Lian – Not That Kinda Girl
Royksopp – The Girl & The Robot

Best Single from a New Artist

Daisy – Everytime
Erik Hassle – Hurtful
Gathania – Blame It On You
Hera Bjork – Someday
Medina – Kun For Mig
Sukkerchok – Det Det

Best Female Album

Amy Diamond – Swings & Roundabouts
Anna Abreu – Just A Pretty Face?
Malena Ernman – La Voix Du Nord
Molly Sanden – Samma Himmel
Medina – Valkommen Til Medina
Velvet – The Queen

Best Male Album

Alexander Rybek – Fairytales
Erik Hassle – Hassle
Kevin Borg – The Beginning
Mans Zelmerlow – MZW
Martin Stenmarck – Septemberland
Neo – One

Best Group Album

Alcazar – Disco Defenders
Benny Andersson Band – Story Of A Heart
BWO – Big Science
Nexx – Synchronize Lips
Royksopp – Junior
Sukkerchok – Hvor Som Helst, Når Som Helst

Best Debut Album

Erik Hassle – Hassle
Janet Leon – Janet
Medina – Vilkommen Til Medina
Molly Sanden – Samma Himmel
Neo – One
Sukkerchok – Hvor Som Helst, Når Som Helst

Best Pop Video

Aqua – Spin Me A Christmas
BWO – You’re Not Alone
Elin Lanto – Love Made Me Stupid
Marie Serneholt – Disconnect Me
Maria Montell – Bang Bang Boogie
September – Can’t Get Over

Best Remix

Agnes – I Need You Now (Cahill Mix)
Anna Abreu – Vinegar (Buzz Junkies Mix)
BWO – Rise To The Occasion (Holter/Erixson Mix)
Darin – Breathing Your Love (Almighty Mix)
Gathania – Blame It On You (Bimbo Jones Mix)
Shirley Clamp – Med Hjartat Fyllt Av Ljus (Oscar Holter Mix)

Best Scandinavian Entry to the Eurovision Song Contest

Norway: Alexander Rybak – Fairytale
Sweden: Malena Ernman – La Voix
Denmark: Niels Brinck – Believe Again
Finland: Waldo’s People – Lose Control
Iceland: Yohanna – Is It True

Best Melodifestivalen Performance

Alcazar – Stay The Night
Lili & Susie – Show Me Heaven
Malena Ernman – La Voix
Mans Zelmerlow – Hope & Glory
Nina Soderquist – Tick Tock
Sarah Dawn Finer – Moving On

Brightest New Hope for 2010

Eric Saade
Erik Grönwall
Le Kid
Mimmi Sanden

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