A new year is now upon us, and we feel that it is only right to recognise the best Scandinavian pop music of the previous year. If 2008 was the year in which pop music began to flourish once again in the UK, then it was the year that it dominated more than ever in Scandinavia. So many acts and so many songs delivered more than we could have hoped for. And thanks to the internet, and sites like www.cdon.com, www.rixfm.se, and www.youtube.com, not to mention countless pop forums, it became easier than ever to enjoy the music that Scandinavia is churning out so consistently these days, and the music which the UK is still yet to embrace. However, there were two vary large exceptions in 2008 – as we witnessed the highly successful crossover of Basshunter and September – who were both well recieved in the UK. And of course, our very own scandipop monthly club night launched in London in October – giving UK fans a chance to dance to the tunes that we’ve otherwise been deprived of at other clubs! We can only hope that 2009 is as good as 2008 for new music.

On with the the awards now. For now, we’re just announcing the categories and the nominees. The winners will be announced next week. How exciting! Here they are;

Best Song

  • ‘Hero’ by Charlotte Perrelli
  • ‘Take My Body Close’ by Velvet
  • ‘Discotheque’ by Elin Lanto
  • ‘Walking In My Shoes’ by Magnus Carlsson
  • ‘Release Me’ by Agnes
  • ‘This Is My Life’ by Euroband

Best Album

  • ‘Set Your Body Free’ by Danny
  • ‘Dance! Love! Pop!’ by Agnes
  • ‘Killing My Darlings’ by Amanda Jenssen
  • ‘Don’t Stop’ by Annie
  • ‘Vild & Galen’ by Linda Bengtzing
  • ‘Electric Cabaret’ by Infernal

Best Female

  • Charlotte Perrelli
  • Velvet
  • Amy Diamond
  • Linda Bengtzing
  • Lene Alexandra
  • September

Best Male

  • Danny
  • Ola
  • Magnus Carlsson
  • Christer Sjogren
  • Kleerup
  • Basshunter

Best Group

  • Alcazar
  • Infernal
  • BWO
  • Star Pilots
  • Waldo’s People
  • Alphabeat

Best New Act of 2008

  • Marie Picasso
  • Amanda Jenssen
  • Star Pilots
  • Euroband
  • Sibel
  • Alphabeat

Brightest New Hope for 2009

  • Gathania
  • Daniela
  • Nexx
  • Rosanna
  • Belle
  • Jonas Oakland

Best Scandinavian Eurovision Song

  • ‘This Is My Life’ by Euroband
  • ‘Hold On Be Strong’ by Maria Haukaas Storeng
  • ‘Hero’ by Charlotte Perrelli
  • ‘Missa Miehet Ratsasta’ by Terasbetoni
  • ‘All Night Long’ by Simon Matthew

Best Melodifestivalen 2008 Runner Up

  • ‘Hur Svart Kan Det Va’ by Linda Bengtzing
  • ‘I Love Europe’ by Christer Sjogren
  • ‘Razborka’ by The Nicole
  • ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ by BWO
  • ‘Thank You’ by Amy Diamond
  • ‘Smiling In Love’ by Caracola

Our Brightest Hope for Melodifestivalen 2009

  • ‘Disconnect Me’ by Marie Serneholt
  • ‘Stay The Night’ by Alcazar
  • ‘It’s My Life’ by Amy Diamond
  • ‘The Queen’ by Velvet
  • ‘Love Love Love’ by Agnes
  • ‘Show Me Heaven’ by Lili & Susie

Our Most Wanted return to Melodifestivalen in 2010!!!

  • Verona
  • The Nicole
  • A Graaf sister or two
  • Linda Bengtzing
  • Hanson, Carson & Malmqvist
  • Anne-Lie Ryde

Best reaction at a scandipop club night

  • ‘Samba Sambero’ by Anna Book
  • ‘Cartoon Heroes’ by Aqua
  • ‘Hero’ by Charlotte Perrelli
  • ‘Take My Body Close’ by Velvet
  • ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ by A*Teens
  • ‘The Winner Takes It All’ by Dannii & Kylie Minogue

And that’s it! Winners announced next week.

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