Thanks: ‘Comeback Girl’

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Anders the singer out of Alphabeat and Anders the guitarist out of Alphabeat have put their creative juices together and spawned a new act. Anders And Anders have unfortunately sidestepped Anders And Anders as a band name though, and are instead calling themselves Thanks.

They unleashed the first fruits of their labour this morning upon the www. It’s a song. ‘Comeback Girl’. And thankfully – MERCIFULLY – it’s a pretty damn good song at that. They’ve gone down the dancepop route – a route we will merrily follow any beloved popstar down. Actually, they describe their sound as Motown meets EDM. But we aren’t hearing either of those in first song ‘Comeback Girl’. Instead, we’d call it a bit of a spazzed out 90s house affair. An intriguing compilation of synths and sounds that make Thanks a new band with a lot of promise that we’re gonna be listening out for INTENTLY!

Welcome to pop music, Thanks. Or should that be welcome back. What a comeback.

‘Comeback Girl’;

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