Taken by Erik Hassle

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Erik Hassle Taken EP Cover

Here’s the cover and tracklisting for the new Erik Hassle EP which is released in Sweden on October 6th. It contains the previously heard ‘Standing Where You Left Me’, ‘Taken (Still In My Blood)’, three new tracks, plus new versions of each of the aforementioned songs.

1. Taken (Still In My Blood)
2. Standing Where You Left Me
3. Last Rider
4. If It Takes All Night
5. Family Affair
6. Taken (Still In My Blood) (Original Version)
7. Standing Where You Left Me (2010 Version)

If you haven’t yet heard the poptastic ‘Standing Where You Left Me’ and the beautiful ‘Taken (Still In My Blood), you SHOULD, and can do so below. And yes, that really is the artwork above. Really.

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