Ta-ra, a-ha!

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Norwegian pop Gods, a-ha are bowing out of music with one final single. ‘Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)’ is being released on July 5th and will be the last ever new recording released by them. New greatest hits album ’25’ will follow, ahead of three farewell concerts later in the year, before they officially split up for good in 2010.

‘Butterfly Butterfly’ is a melancholic piece of electro pop fused with guitar pop, paying a definite homage to the decade from which a-ha came – the eighties. The music throughout is quite beautiful, especially the eerie string fest that is the middle eight. And the chorus becomes quite the delight too upon second listen. We’ve never really been huge fans of a-ha to be honest. Our appreciation of them usually starts with a1’s version of ‘Take On Me’, and ends with Milk Inc’s version of ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ (we know, WE KNOW!). But we do like this farewell single of theirs. It’s a haunting number that we get the feeling we’ll be returning to a lot over the summer.

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