Swedish pop stars do their thing for charity!

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This Saturday sees the release of ‘Ta Min Hand’ in Sweden. It’s a charity single in support of children’s cause, SOS Barnbyar. And it’s one of those multi artist singles, where each of them gets a line or an ad-lib. The line up caught our eye straight away of course. It features scandipop royalty Alcazar, Velvet, Sarah Dawn Finer, Ola, Darin, Lill Babs, Anna Sahlene, Anna Maria Espinosa, Jessica Folcker, Martin Stenmarck, Hanna Hedlund, and also the likes of Plura, Lasse Berghagen, Claes Janson, Dolly Dolores, Jasmine Kara, Kim Franzen, Promoe, and Jakob Hellman.

We were sent the single today and have had a good few listens now, trying to see if our ears can spot our favourite artists on there – which is always half the fun of these charity singles. Sarah Dawn Finer is undoubtedly the Queen Bee in the vocal share stakes! Ola and Darin get a clear line each too, and we can hear a good bit of Alcazar and Velvet in the ad libs too. But it’d be great if there was a video too. As for the song itself, it’s an uptempo guitar pop folk number. Typical charity single fodder, with all the usual charm, goodwill, and uplifting vibes that go along with them. On Saturday, it’s released on Swedish iTunes and on Spotify. Plus Swedes will be able to buy it by sending an SMS with the word ‘kärlek’ (love) to 72900. All proceeds go towards the work that SOS Barnbyar does for abandoned children.


And most excitingly of all (for us!), is that there’s a concert taking place on Saturday too, that we’re going along to. It’s at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, and most of the artists from the single are performing, along with some others too (line-up – Darin, Lill Babs, Alcazar, Jessica Folcker, Carl axel och Monica Dominique, Claes Janson, Velvet, Anna Sahlene, Gabriel Forss och One Voice, Dolly Dolores, Christopher Dominique med Band, Anna Maria Espinosa, Jasmine Kara). So that should be a whole lotta fun! We’ll tweet from the event if there is any news or any new music performed by the likes of Velvet or Alcazar!

You can listen to a small clip of ‘Ta Min Hand’ here.

And you can read more about the charity and make donations here.

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