Swedish Idol: Original Song Week!

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Over the weekend, it was our absolute favourite episode of every series of Swedish Idol. Where the Top 4 left in the competition each get to write an original song with seasoned Swedish writers and producers. The idea was introduced to the series a few years back, and is a genius addition to the show that gives the contestants a chance to showcase the kind of artists they’d be beyond the show. And as the series gets closer to the final, it’s also good for the audience to see which of them they’d really like to see go on the be a proper popstar.

Normally every year when the four original songs are released, there’s a couple of keepers in there. This year however, they’re ALL superb. And they’re ALL utterly poptastic too.

Our favourite of the bunch is Rebecka Karlsson’s ‘If I Were You’. Rebecka, a former Scandipop Award nominee (thanks to this underrated gem she released independently a few years before Idol), turned in the kind of song a Swedish Idol winner releases as their first proper single in the year following their win. Pure fire.

Though it’s Liam Cacatian’s ‘Beautiful Silence’ which has been received the best – to the tune of getting itself into the Swedish Spotify Top 50 yesterday, and climbing up the chart today.

All the songs are worth checking out though, and you can find ’em all on our Best New Pop playlist. Right at the very top. ‘Cos they’re that good.

And here are each of the live performances;

Rebecka Karlsson – If I Were You
(Alex Papaconstantinou, Viktor Svensson, Cassandra Ströberg, Juulia Haverinen, Rebecka Karlsson)

Liam Cacatian Thomassen – Beautiful Silence
(Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah, Patricio “Pato Pooh” Silva, Liam Cacatian Thomassen)

Oskar Häggström – The Underdogs
(Stefan Örn, Didrik Thott, Johan Kronlund, Oskar Häggström)

Charlie Grönvall – Running Wild
(Martin Eriksson, Henrik Wikström, Isabelle Ljunggren, Freja Blomberg, Charlie Grönvall)

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