Suriya: ‘LouisBag’

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DSC 9871The name Suriya might not mean anything to you – but trust us, you know who she is. It’s Heidi from 90’s pop outfit S.O.A.P!

It’s been over a decade since the duo stopped releasing music. And while her sister Saseline set about releasing solo material soon afterwards, Suriya has stayed behind the scenes – working in the studio as a writer, producer, and backing vocalist. Now though, after working on a sound for herself over the last couple of years – she’s just released her debut solo single.

‘LouisBag’ is a WORLD away from her S.O.A.P days. It’s minimal club electro that turns into dubstep during its final minute of your attention. It’s a dark and throbbing snarler – the type of track that wouldn’t sound out of place on the record label roster of her fellow Danes, disco:wax. And the video gets quite naughty too towards its climax. Filth!

As for what we can expect from her future musical output, well she describes this sound that she’s been cultivating for herself as a cross between Salt n’ Peppa and TLC. Oh, and if you’re wondering why she’s no longer called Heidi – well that was never her real name. She’s really called Suriyatim – hence the new Suriya moniker.

Her ‘LouisBag’;

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