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0495771aaba2cf68291029666d86813b649c682aThe UK’s premiere music tv channel, Clubland TV, have just played ‘Discotheque’ by Elin Lanto! It may mean fuck all, but it may also mean the chance that it is getting a UK release. ‘Discotheque’ was one of our favourite songs of last year, and one of the nominees in the Best Song category at the scandipop 2009 awards (results next week!). We’re not entirely sure as to how the UK would react to ‘Speak N Spell’ or ‘Favourite Pair Of Jeans’, but if there’s one sure-fire dancefloor filler, it’s ‘Discotheque’. It’s already worked its magic on the dancefloor of our monthly scandipop club nights, but we’d be more than happy if it made its way around clubs in the rest of the UK – accompanied by the sound of a hundred pairs of stilettos, screaming, cackling, and the shrill request for three more red Bacardi breezers please.


Welcome to the UK Elin, we hope you’ll stay.

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