Stop! Look! Listen!

euphoriasingle e1331212445537We’ve made a massive playlist. Both in size and in sound. It’s a compilation of the very best tunes from Peter Boström.

Ahead of this weekend’s Melodifestivalen, the most talked about songs are Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ and Danny Saucedo’s ‘Amazing’, with most people expecting either of the two to win the competition, and with everyone taking a side. One man who won’t give a toss as to which of them wins though, is Peter Boström – the producer behind both tracks. In the pop genre at least, Peter is very much a man of the moment in Scandinavian music. As well as those two aforementioned songs (and regardless of the result on Saturday – both will go on to become huge hits), he’s also behind Norway’s entry for Eurovision 2012, (Tooji’s ‘Stay’), he’s been involved in the new Gravitonas single released next week, and he’s also responsible for giving both Lena Philipsson and E-Type big radio hits recently, after the two had gone years without.

Looking back throughout his repertoire though, you’ll see that he’s also done some jiggery pokery on some of your favourite Scandinavian pop songs throughout the last decade and beyond – by the likes of Eric Saade, Ola, Måns Zelmerlöw, Charlotte Perrelli, Elin Lanto, Carola, Roxette, Donkeyboy, Alcazar, Martin Stenmarck, Sanna Nielsen, A*Teens, Da Buzz, Nina & Kim, Salem Al Fakir, and Veronica Maggio. And quite a few more besides.

So we thought a celebratory Spotify playlist was in order. We’ve plucked the best songs and put them all together. Although even being picky, we still ended up with a massive 72 tracks – go figure.

They range from heavy basslined dance tracks, to schlager, to eurohouse, to eurocheese, to dreamy electro makeovers of indiepop songs. There’s also a tiny bit of balladry, a smidgeon of rock, and even a glimpse of turn-of-the-millenium Cheiron flavoured pop! That’s a mighty big melting pot of sounds – but we’ve placed them all into an easy listening order. And the whole thing is tremendously Scandipoptastic.

All 72 tracks have been either written, co-written, produced, or mixed by Peter Boström.

You can listen to the Best of Boström playlist here, check out our other playlists here, and scan through the hefty tracklisting in the comments section below!


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