You will remember back in August we previewed the first single to be released from Swedish girlband Stockholm Syndrome – an incarnation of former Swedish girlband Love Generation. The song is ‘Pretty Girl’ and it turned out to be one of the most popular posts we’ve had on the site this year so far, in terms of page views.

WELL – the song was finally released this Monday where it bounced straight into the top 10 on Swedish iTunes. What’s more, those of you who enjoyed listening to that clip that we posted a couple of months back, will be pleased to learn that you can now listen to it in full.

And christ almighty what a ”listen” it is. You honestly have never heard anything like this come from a girlband before. Whatever you think of this new incarnation of Red One’s former protegees Love Generation, you can’t not admire the fact that they’ve seemingly broken the mold as Stockholm Syndrome, and taken a massive risk in doing so, now that they’re doing it all independently. Stick around, please girls – if this is what you’re offering up as your first single, we genuinely can’t wait to hear what’s to come from you.

Click here to browse what we wrote about the song initially. And get your ears ready for what you’re about to listen to. No, seriously – you actually do need to be prepared.

Video coming soon. And the single has been released outside of Sweden too, should you like what you hear…….

Pretty Girl - Single - Stockholm Syndrome



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