Stine Bramsen: ‘Prototypical’

Stine Bramsen press1

Alphabeat are on a break, they informed us this week. But that’s ok because a very good six member band on a break, means six creative types that you can trust, all going off and making six times the music. Theoretically anyway.

Well today that theory’s been put into practice with the arrival of Stine Bramsen’s first solo single, ‘Prototypical’. The single will be released on January 20th, but today she premiered the song by uploading a live performance video to YouTube. One of those well-shot, professional live performance videos that has been produced especially to showcase a song – not just a sneaky camera at a gig. It’s all quite exciting really, Stine Bramsen from Alphabeat going all “look, here’s my song”.

The song. A retro styled romp that’s big on the hand claps and enormous on the chorus. In truth, not a million miles away from her music with Alphabeat. But for Stine, a lot more personal. The word prototypical refers to a person falling in with the opinions and lifestyles of everybody else, despite having previously held strong to their own ideas and thoughts contrary to society. In this case, Stine – formerly a firm believer that true love only existed in fairytales (honestly, her own words) – falling in love with someone and being swept up by it all in the way everyone is promised will happen in their lives.

Stine says an album later in the year, and on it she’s been working with Nicolaj Rasted of Hej Matematik. Good news all around. Keep up with what she’s doing over on her Facebook page.

Here’s ‘Prototypical’;

Studio version

Live version

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