This is very nice“, we thought while listening to it last week. “We should share it on Scandipop really“, we added. Finnish singer Stina Girs and her new single with a mouthful of a title, ‘Mä Tahdon Tietää Mitä Rakkaus On’.

It’s a little bit different from what her Scandinavian contemporaries are releasing at the moment. There’s no flashy electro production, it ain’t no banger, and it’s decidedly UNmodern. Instead, it’s a pretty straight forward and quite old fashioned mid-tempo pop ballad. One with a big melody that’s sung well. Refreshing in itself.

Stina Girs first found fame on the 2011 series of Finnish Idol, releasing her debut album that same year. This is her first new release since then.

‘Mä Tahdon Tietää Mitä Rakkaus On’ is out now and has been released outside of Finland too. Here’s the song and video;


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