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The gaming industry is rapidly growing, and shows no signs of slowing down. With game companies incorporating soundtracks into their games, this is giving artists a new outlet for their music to be heard. In addition, music-based games like SingStar have enjoyed huge popularity in the last decade, and have featured tracks by several Scandinavian artists – for example Om Du Var Här by Kent. Popular gaming franchise Guitar Hero has given gamers a taste of some brilliant and diverse music.


Dragonforce are an excellent example of artists whose fame was boosted as appearing within a video game. Their song Through the Flames and the Fire was one of 3 bonus songs that users didn’t need to pay for. Since appearing on the Guitar Hero title, Through the Flames and the Fire has become Dragonforce’s most popular song without a shadow of a doubt.

Over the last few years, bands and musicians have been given a new platform to get their music known to wider audiences through online games. Not only are there numerous gaming sites bursting with games that all feature some kind of background music, but many musicians have also decided to create their own band-themed games. KISS are the most well-known band for their large array of merchandise, and similarly to bands like Megadeth, they have launched their own video slots that is playable through the many offers on Red8’s online casino offers site. These games let fans to listen to their favourite songs by the bands while playing classic slot games. Games like these are, most importantly, fun for fans to play, but they can also help bands in getting their music listened to by new audiences and through new platforms.


Don’t overlook any opportunities to have your material included in different types of media. It lets new audiences access your music, people who previously may never have come across your work. There is also the potential to earn extra royalties, something every artist is seeking. Back in 2011 there was a conference held in San Francisco by The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals. They gathered professionals from the video game industry to discuss how independent musicians can increase their chances of getting their music placed within video games, so it is definitely not just for established artists.

The panel advised to learn as much information on the industry as possible before even attempting to negotiate a deal. Seek out developers who create games which match the ambience of your music, this will increase your chances of getting your music noticed. There are some websites which offer up to date news on the video game industry. It’s worth reading these if you are looking to create music for video games or have your existing material included.


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