Sound of Remixes….

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The brilliant ‘Nova’ by Sound of Arrows has received a sonic kick up the arse by a few producers who have been lining up to do so.

On an up-tempo tip, we have two famous remixers at two very different ends of the dance music spectrum – Tiesto and Almighty. Tiesto have turned ‘Nova’ into a deep and pounding euphoric trance effort. Paying a definite homage to the dancefloors of the 90’s, it suits the delicately whispered vocals perfectly, and works even better than you would have undoubtedly expected. And Almighty, as you would hope and expect, have camped it up and turned it into one of the most delightful examples of male vocalled indie dance since Rize & 7th Heaven got their hands on Lorraine’s ‘Transatlantic Flight’. And it’s equally as wow.

The Almighty remix isn’t yet available to stream online, but you can listen to the Tiesto mix below.

Then we have Il Figures. These guys have given the song a high dosage of xanax, and softly cuddled it into a peaceful state of euphoria. And in their floaty and flippant state of mind, they’ve also gone and offered the track up as a FREE DOWNLOAD! Peace, love, and all that. You can have a listen below, and then click on the download arrow on the right hand side of the stream, to claim the mp3 as your own.

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