Icelandic broadcaster RÚV has unveiled the ten songs which are in the running to represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Iceland will choose its Eurovision entry via Söngvakeppnin – a three-week affair consisting of two semi-finals followed by a March 12th final. In each semi we’ll have five songs perform, with a public vote deciding on two songs to progress to the final. This four-song final will then be made into five songs via a jury wildcard.

In Söngvakeppnin, all songs must be performed in Icelandic in the semis, even if the intention is to perform in English at Eurovision. As such, all ten songs have been released in an English version and in an Icelandic version (with the exception of one, which will be performed in Icelandic even if it goes to Turin).

You can check out the ten songs below, in the respective semi-finals that they’ll be performing in, and against each other.

Semi-Final 1: 26 February

Útgáfan/Don’t You Know – Amarosis
(Már & Ísold)
Retro-tinged charm with an up-tempo, string-laden production that’s actually quite difficult to dislike. So why try?

Ljósið/All I Know – Stefán Óli
(Andri Þór Jónsson, Birgir Steinn Stefánsson, Stefán Hilmarsson)
A universally appealing, radio-friendly toe-tapper that is unassumingly competitive, and therefore the instant dark horse of the competition.

Gía/Volcano – Haffi Haff
(Steinar Jónsson, Sigurður Ásgeir Árnason, Hafsteinn Þór Guðjónsson)
It’s difficult to comprehend that Fire Saga wasn’t going to be in anyone’s mind when selecting the songs for Söngvakeppnin 2022, but we didn’t think it would be as blatant as this. Even Will Ferrell would blush, and likely turn ‘Volcano’ down for being too absurd. Us though – we’re keeping it.

Hjartað Mitt/Heart Of Mine – Stefanía Svavarsdóttir
(Halldór Gunnar Pálsson, Magnús Þór Sigmundsson)
Wholesome Eurovision pop. Which, if we’re honest with ourselves, is what we’re all here for at the end of the day. Stefanía has this Heart Of Ours.

Með Hækkandi Sól – Sigga, Beta & Elín
(Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir)
Folk-laden pop that falls somewhere between First Aid Kit and Iceland’s own Sycamore Tree. We love both of those acts referenced, and we love this song, too.


Semi-Final 1: 5 March

Mögulegt/Possible – Markéta Irglová
(Markéta Irglová, Sturla Mio Þórisson)
An Oscar winner in our midst, no less. But could she be a Söngvakeppnin winner? Probably not in 2022, with this purposely subtle number which seems more comfortable flying under the radar in this line-up.

Hækkum í Botn/Keep It Cool – SUNCITY & SANNA
(Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson, Valgeir Magnússon, Davíð Guðbrandsson)
A contemporary number that brings the disco, the funk and the pop – and we are devouring every single one of those well-placed references.

Tökum Af Stað/Turn This Around – Reykjavíkurdætur (Daughters of Reykjavík)
This lot are an obscenely popular hip-hop act who have somewhat tailored their sound to the Eurovision masses for the purpose of Söngvakeppnin. They’ve done so without compromising on what everyone in Iceland loves about them. And so they’re a real contender for the win.

Þaðan Af/Then Again – Katla
(Jóhannes Damian Patreksson, Kristinn Óli S. Haraldsson, Hafsteinn Þráinsson, Snorri Beck)
Named after a huge volcano in Iceland, but honestly, it’s kind difficult to see why anyone would vote for Katla when the much more appealing ‘Volcano’ is elsewhere in the line-up.

Séns Með þér/Gemini – Hanna Mia and The Astrotourists
(Hanna Mia Brekkan, Sakaris Emil Joensen, Nína Richter)
Delightfully kitsch indie-pop that we wish would last for longer than the three-minute limitations would allow, because actually we were quite enjoying getting swept up in it all.


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