What’s this? This is a Norwegian powerhouse collab. Regular readers will already be familiar with the pop collective Rat City, and they’ve joined forced with the Norwegian producer duo ZIDA for a new single together. ‘Deeper’.
What’s it like? It’s a dance track that sounds like a Main Pop Girl hit single crossed with an Eastern European ethno-banger for Eurovision that gets a huge public televote but ultimately gets buried by the miserable juries. In short – we love it.
Written by? Cato Sundberg, Christoffer Simpson, David Michelsen, Kent Sundberg, Lasse Michelsen and Mickey Shiloh.
More from ZIDA & Rat City? This isn’t the first time they’ve worked together. A few years back, ZIDA produced a remix for the Rat City single – ‘Naked With My Headphones On‘.

You can find ‘Deeper’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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