What’s this? While leading up to the release of her second album, and promoting her current single ‘Don’t Worry Bout Me’, Zara Larsson has dropped a new track today. As featured in the current CITI ad campaign, this is ‘WOW’.
And is it WOW? It has every right to use that word as its title and it has every right to capitalise it too.
What does it sound like? Verse-wise, we’d say it’s most similar to ‘Ruin My Life’, but once the verse ends, that’s where all similarities with anything she’s ever released before well and truly end. That chorus takes on a life of its own.
Written by? Madison Love, Thomas Eriksen, Joakim Haukaas, Brittany Amaradio and a one Marshmello, who also produced it!

You can find ‘WOW’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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