(photo: Timothy Gottlieb)

What’s this? Sweden’s William Stridh is out with a brand-new single – his third. This is ‘Kommer Du’.
What’s it like? A song in which his trademark balladry gets a funked up and string-laden makeover, and in which his sound is elevated to new heights. It’s a direction we like!
What does William say?‘Kommer Du’ is all about the will and hope that comes with being with an old and familiar love. Even if you know deep down that you do not have a future together, the feeling is still so strong that it can pull you right back.
Written by? William himself, along with Christian Holmström, Markus Lidén and Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah.
More from William? Check out his summer single, ‘ Dårar‘.

You can find ‘Kommer Du’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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