SONG: The Weeknd vs Veronica Maggio – ‘Jag Kommer By The Lights’

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A good ol’ fashioned mash-up?! They just don’t make them in the same volumes they used to, do they?
But we have a new one to drag us out of those doldrums? We do. And it’s Swedish-pop themed. So it’s the best kind. If this was 2004, Alcazar would be covering it and releasing it as a single.
What have we got? We have the music of Veronica Maggio’s decade-old smash ‘Jag Kommer’. And over the top of it, we have what’s arguably become Max Martin’s biggest hit single of all time – ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd. And this has all been done by the super-talented Swedish producer Michael Casado.
What’s it like? With the neon-lit synthwave production removed from under The Weeknd’s song, we dread to think what the soundscape of commercial pop music around the world might have sounded like over the past two years. But for the purposes of this mash-up, it’s actually splendid to hear ‘Blinding Lights’ morph into a Swedish indie hit. It’s gone from Rix FM’s most played song of the year, to P3 Radio’s year-end victor. Which speaks to what an incredible song it is in the first place. And which also makes us eternally grateful for Michael Casado’s well-trained ear in spotting that this would be a music match made in creative heaven.
More from Michael? You can find a plethora of magnificent mash-ups done by Michael over on his website.

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