What’s this? The latest single from the utterly marvellous Violet Days. ‘Just A Little’, the music video for which she released yesterday.
What’s it like? SUPERB! Somber tendencies have been abandoned in favour of an unashamed, hands-in-the-air, balls-out, blistering banger of epic proportions. Yeah, it’s pretty damn good.
Written by? Violet Days herself, Lina Hansson, along with Cassandra Casso, and produced by her creative partner Kris Eriksson.
Is it one of her best? Right now, we’d say it’s up there amongst the top three. And if you were wondering, her best is most definitely the epic ‘Suck At Love’. Get acquainted, if you’ve yet to.

You can find ‘Just A Little’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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