What’s this? Swedish pop group Urban Cone have reunited and are out with some brand-new music – their first release since 2018’s Greatest Hits collection. They’re back with new single ‘Never Enough’.
What’s it like? It’s almost as if they set out to craft a pop song that’s as joyful and jubilant as the feeling that they are indeed back back back together again. They totally succeeded in doing so, too.
Total summer bop? Total bop for the ages, tbh.
Written by? The band themselves (oh hej Emil Gustafsson, Jacob William Sjöberg, Rasmus Flyckt and Tim Formgren) along with Ryan McMahon, Ryan Rabin and Ben Berger.
More from Urban Cone? Their last single was three years ago this very week, but still slaps hard, if you’ve yet to indulge in some ‘Sugar‘.

You can find ‘Never Enough’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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