(photo: Trygve Indrelid)

What’s this? Norwegian artist Una Sand is rounding off a very productive 2021 – a year in which she’s released six singles, all of which have been playlisted by Norway’s biggest radio station NRK P3 (a feat incredible enough in itself, even before you take into consideration that she’s a wholly independent artist) – by releasing a seventh single, out today. This is ‘Selfish’.
What’s it like? It’s something a little different from Una, compared to her previous singles. This one takes the tempo down considerably, showcasing a new side to her sound. One thing ‘Selfish’ does have in common with its predecessors however, is the luxurious production it’s been afforded. Laidback and sumptuous strings elevate this song to something quite beautiful.
Written by? Una herself, along with Morten Gillebo (who also produced it) and Suzana Johansen.
More from Una? Those aforementioned six singles? We’ve featured all of them on here. Because they’ve all been superb.

You can find ‘Selfish’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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