SONG: Ulrikke – ‘Attention’ (Klaas Remix)

What’s this? Ulrikke, the artist behind ‘Attention’, the Norwegian entry into this years now cancelled Eurovision Song Contest, teams up with German DJ and producer Klaas to give her power ballad a new sound. Namely – a banging new mix that we can all derive some much needed enjoyment from this weekend.
What does Ulrikke say? “I love dancing, and I love a fun time out with friends. So I really wanted ‘Attention’ to not just be on Love Songs playlists, but also on party playlists. I’ve been a huge fan of Klaas’ style for years, so I’m very happy he has given ‘Attention’ a new fun sound. Although its hard to go out to clubs dancing right now, I hope people will dance at home in their living-rooms, bathrooms, gardens, everywhere its safe and with a distance to others.”
What does Klaas say? “It was a pleasure to remix ‘Attention’. Ulrikke has a beautiful voice, and I think she would have done really well at the Eurovision Song Contest – maybe even won the whole thing. I immediately fell in love with the original, so I’m very happy I got to remix the track.”
More from Ulrikke? There is also a music video for the remix, giving us an insight into her journey this year, from the first press conference to the big Melodi Grand Prix finale in Trondheim. AND, she’s also released ‘Road To Rotterdam’ on YouTube – a behind the scenes documentary over four episodes. The series gives an exclusive glimpse into everything that goes on behind the scenes, from the moment she won Melodi Grand Prix, to the months following.

You can find ‘Attention’ (Klaas Remix) on our Best New Dance playlist.

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