New single from The Other Tove/The Original Tove (depending on your persuasion)? Not quite a new single. It’s a track from her new EP ‘Borderline’, which comes out in 3 days. It’s called ‘Brag’ and Noisy mag premiered it today.
I don’t suppose it’s another ‘White Light Moment’ is it? It’s not, no. But we’ve sort of made peace with the fact that we’re probably never gonna get another ‘White Light Moment’. We want to dislike her for changing her sound so drastically and for turning her back on what made her amazing, but actually – this new stuff is really quite good too.
The music’s not as good as it used to be though. That’s true, but it’s got to the stage where there’s almost no point in comparing them. Old Tove and New Tove are such worlds apart, that it’s like comparing two different artists in two different genres. So why bother really.
So let’s just enjoy the new Tove Styrke for what she’s become? Precisely. On the strength of what we’ve had from her comeback so far, we’re looking forward to hearing more. And all those songs that would have gone to Old Tove in 2014 – well, they’ll just find a home with another artist.


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