What’s this? Tove Lo is back! She’s announced a new album, a new record label (her own) and a new tour. But for now she’s got a new single. And a new music video. Everything’s new.
What’s the new single and music vid? ‘No One Dies From Love’.
Is that true?no one dies from love…I guess I’ll be the first“.
What’s it like? This is a beaut. Like, seriously stun. Or to use an adjective in full, truly breathtaking. A soft electronic number on which she ups the heartache via a real gut-punch of a melody. We loved every second of it, of course.
What does Tove Lo say?When you’re with someone for a long time and it ends all of all sudden, it’s like a part of you has died. This person is now a stranger to you. All of the memories are tainted. For the first part of the breakup, you believe you’re not supposed to feel good about anything you had together. What I believe I do best is ‘heartbreak you can dance to.’ The song is that.
Written by? The artist herself, along with Ludvig Söderberg.
More from Tove? Did you catch ‘How Long’ when it came out in January? You really should have caught ‘How Long‘ when it came out in January.

You can find ‘No One Dies From Love’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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