What’s this? A new track dropped by Swedish superstar Tove Lo. Featuring Finland’s ALMA, this is ‘Bad As The Boys’.
What does Tove say? “Bad as the Boys is about my first summer girl crush when I was in my teens. It’s about that sting you feel in your heart when you know summer is coming to an end and so is the romance. Since I’m singing about a girl, I wanted another female artist on it who also likes girls; so I hit up ALMA. She really felt the song and was down to sing it with me. She has such an amazing voice and she absolutely killed it! And she’s badass.”
What does Scandipop say? Is two songs into an album era too early to be lauding it as potentially her best one yet? Asking for a friend.
Written by? Tove Lo, Ludvig Söderberg and Jakob Jerlström. Produced by The Struts.
More from Tove? The album ‘Sunshine Kitty’ comes out on September 20th, featuring the single ‘Glad He’s Gone’.

You can find ‘Bad As The Boys’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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