What’s this? New music from Sweden’s Tove Lo. She’s out with the latest single from her forthcoming ‘Dirt Femme’ album. Single number 4 – ‘2 Die 4’.
What’s it like? A bit of a banger, as it happens. Sampling Hot Butter’s 1972 hit ‘Popcorn’, it takes the infamous riff and turns it into a Big Pop Chorus. Oh so ridiculous, but utterly sublime. This *should* ramp up excitement levels for the new album x10, as it unpeels yet another layer to Tove’s pop genius.
What does Tove say?Lyrically I wanted it to be that ‘pick me up when I’m feeling down’ song. At first, it’s like a warm hug, then you shake it off, let out a scream and start dancing!
Written by? Tove Lo and Oscar Görres, with Gershon Kingsley getting credit for that iconic sample.
More from Tove? ‘Dirt Femme’ will be released October 14th, and will also feature ‘True Romance‘, ‘No One Dies From Love‘ and ‘How Long‘.

You can find ‘2 Die 4’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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