What’s this? Norwegian artist Torine is out with a brand-new single – ‘Cliché’.
What’s it like? A fun pop tune that relies on nothing more than a supremely catchy vocal riff to hook you in. A masterfully composed and refreshingly simple song.
What does Torine say?‘Cliché’ is about being OK with being a cliché sometimes, and not to take yourself so seriously. Sometimes you just have to embrace your guilty pleasures in life, like ordering one last Skinny Bitch five minutes before the bar closes, or to sing ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls at a karaokebar“.
Written by? Torine herself, along with Lise Reppe, Jim Bergsted and Helge Moen.
More from Torine? Check out previous single ‘Make U Cry‘.

You can find ‘Cliché’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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