SONG: Tones and I vs Alan Walker, K-391, Tungevaag & DJ Mangoo – ‘Play Monkey’ (Michael Casado mash-up)

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That’s a whole lot of names! Well this is a whole lot of tune.
Go on then. Swedish producer Michael Casado has gone and done one of his superb mash-ups. This time taking on the biggest hit in the world right now, and a current remake of one of the biggest dance smashes of the ’90s in Sweden.
And what’s he done with them? So recently, three Norwegian producers, Alan Walker, K-391 and Tungevaag, did a remake of Swedish producer’s Mangoo’s iconic yesteryear hit ‘Eurodancer’ – giving it a new production and adding vocals. They called it ‘Play’, and you can find out more about that here.
A reworking of note in itself. But now Casado has gone and stripped ‘Play’ of its vocals, and instead added the most recognisable top-line in the world right now: ‘Dance Monkey’ from Australia’s Tones & I. Merging new with old and new again, and breathing fresh life into two current staples of the Swedish Spotify Top 50. Marvellous work, yet again, from Michael Casado.
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