SONG: TOFFE – ‘Kayak’

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We were (and still are, just so you know) massively enamoured with the debut single from this guy when he arrived back in May. ‘Painting Pictures’ by TOFFE, aka 26 year old Swedish gent Christoffer Ling. And now he’s back with the follow-up. Just like its predecessor, new single ‘Kayak’ was written and produced by TOFFE all by himself. And a further similarity is that it’s another sublime slice of synthpop. This time though, he’s turned the tempo (and indeed the synths) up to the max – most likely to represent the rapids that he’s singing about having to take a kayak through. It’s a bit of a blast listening to this – hold tight;

You can find ‘Kayak’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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