SONG: Timoteij – ‘Milky Way’

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TimoteijMilkyWay OMG a new Timoteij single? After relaunching as a trio, switching to the English language, and releasing ‘Wildfire’ earlier in the year, one of the greatest bands of our generation return today with a follow-up – ‘Milky Way’.
What’s it like? WELL. What starts off as a traditional Timoteij folk track, soon reveals itself to be a tropical house number that sounds like…….wait for it…….a Kygo remix! Yes – a KYGO remix! Just when you thought these girls couldn’t get it more right. Love them.
But wait – I don’t think they’ve released it outside of the Nordics! Oh dear – and they were doing so well up until now. Fuck. Ok, check back later when we’ll hopefully have a YouTube stream for you too. Until then, do what you can to obtain the song in any illegal manner you wish. It’s what they would have wanted. Clearly.
Ok. Brilliant song though. Well done Timoteij. On the song front anyway.

EDIT: YouTube stream, plus TV4 performance now below;


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