What’s this? New music from the Norwegian talent Synne Vo – she’s back with her latest single ‘Spagetti For To’.
What’s it like? There’s a beautiful kind of melancholy contained within that immediately penetrates the heart of the listener – bringing to mind some of the biggest hits by Victor Leksell or Estraden from neighbouring Sweden.
What does she say?This song is inspired by a previous relationship I was in, where I felt that I gave more than I got back. I think a lot of people out there have experienced being in a relationship where one does not feel valued enough, and that feeling I wanted to put into words.
Written by? Synne herself, along with Cate Downey, Kristin Marie Skolem and Tormod Løkling.
More from Synne? Check out her previous single ‘Sexten‘.

You can find ‘Spagetti For To’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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