What’s this? Last year he provided us with an exceptional first two singles – ‘Låtsas Som Inget Hänt‘ and ‘Det Du Ser = Det Du Får‘ – and now Swedish artist SYLVE is back with another belter. ‘Bättre Förr’.
What does that mean? Better before?
What does SYLVE say?My music is always autobiographical and this song is no exception. It is about a relationship that has ended and about the insight and the remorse that arrive shortly after. The song is about the conversation we had that made us try again, set to music.”
What’s the song like? A show-stopping AND heart-stopping ballad that is elevated even further thanks to the excellent accompaniment of an orchestra.
Written by? SYLVE himself, along with Emelie Eriksson and Mattias Andréaason.
More from SYLVE? His debut EP will be released in the spring!

You can find ‘Bättre Förr’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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