What’s this? The brand-new single from Icelandic duo Sycamore Tree, aka Agusta Eva Erlendsottir and Gunnar Hilmarsson. This is ‘Fire’.
That lady looks awfully familiar. Yes, Agusta is also an actress. She played Silvia Night.
SILVIA FUCKING NIGHT?! Born in Reykjavik, in a different league, no damn eurotrash freak!
And this is – quite different to that, right? Very. It evokes the folk-pop of First Aid Kit and the Americana of Lana Del Rey, resulting in beautifully chilled track that’s wonderfully composed. A gorgeous listen to get lost in.
More from Sycamore Tree? ‘Fire’ is the first single from their upcoming second album. You can check out their first album, ‘Shelter’, right here.

You can find ‘Fire’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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