What’s this? New music from Swedish artist SVEA. Her latest single ‘Never Call Me Again’.
What’s it like? Rarely has an “ah-ah-ah, ooh-ooh” vocal riff brought us as much joy as it has in this song. Catchy pop music with a straight-to-the-point lyric.
What does SVEA say?Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep a good balance in a relationship, especially new ones. When one stops calling or texting, it’s nerve-wracking for the other one. ’Never Call Me Again’ is about putting pressure on the person you’re dating and telling them that either they work for it or they can’t have you.”
Written by? SVEA herself, along with Jeppe London Bilsby and Celine Svanbäck.
More from SVEA? Check out ‘Need To Know‘, which she released with Danish artist Alexander Oscar last month.

You can find ‘Never Call Me Again’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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